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Palestine is a bite away

Proudly grown in the United Arab emirates

Fair Trade Olive Oil With Canaan of Palestine

Canaan Of Palestine

at Canaan recognize this priceless agriculture and commit ourselves to protect it, support it and make it sustainable for these hard-working farmers.
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We don't encourage "OPEN BUFFET" culture. No food & money goes to waste here.

Takeaway pack for your leftovers.

Preserving our Blessings is a form of gratitude; feel free to ask for a Takeaway pack for your leftovers.


With 6 sites in Dubai – you’ll find utterly exquisite food at both. Appetisers include Palestinian musakhan rolls, maqdous with walnut and the self-explanatory drool-fest – oven-baked halloumi.
Here’s a restaurant that serves authentic Palestinian food. Ingredients are freshly imported from Palestine and what you get here is just the way it’s made back at home. Most of often the dishes are baked from their stone oven with natural ingredients stuffed inside looking colorful and enticing as ever.
The concept is simple- serving the neighbourhood lavishly with traditional manaesh flatbreads at fair prices, using only the finest handpicked real and fresh ingredients, baked freshly in our authentic wood fired stone oven.